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The AI experts with a people-first approach

Unlocking potential through the effective combination of AI,  people and automation

In the rapidly evolving AI landscape where in-action is not a sustainable option, we are excited to be the catalyst that drives companies and their employees to harness the power of AI to compete, flourish and thrive on their terms.

Our Catalyst

Some may say our story started in 2018, when we first met, even though we all came with different expertise (marketing, sales, analytics, technology, and business operations), our mindsets were the same. In fact, looking back to our catalyst, our story has been in the making for the past 25 years.

During those years, we have witnessed countless companies who chased the latest tech trends, throwing money at shiny solutions that failed to address their real problems. We saw this as "innovation for innovation's sake",  leaving businesses frustrated, fragmented, and financially drained. We knew there had to be a better way.

Applying our combined experiences and expertise we coached clients towards a people-centric approach to transformative data-driven experiences. Our methodology is based on a clear understanding that the most impactful results combine focus on business value,  the right technology and the right change mindset and culture.

That's why we founded AI Catalyst Partners. To leverage our long heritage in AI/ML, from pioneering work in personalised communications and predictive analytics to results-orientated  programmes at the dawn of Generative AI.

We believe in the enormous transformative potential of AI & automation technology, but only when it's driven by a deep understanding of the human element – the people, processes, challenges, and opportunities unique to each organisation.

Our Leadership Team

Matthew Simons
Matthew Simons

CEO and Co-Founder

Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor

CTO and Co-Founder

Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell

CRO (Interim) and Co-Founder

Our Experience

We bring over 25 years’ worth of data, analytics, AI/ML transformation experience, from both a technology and business perspective. We have spent decades working with organisations to take them on their own journeys, helping them drive change and deliver growth. 

Experience that sets us apart.

  • We have worked with organisations to help them navigate through all the recent transformations including .com, SAAS, Big Data, Digital, Cloud, the early days of AI/ML and now the generative AI revolution of today
  • We have worked with companies of all sizes, across multiple verticals, from Financial Services, Pharma, Travel and Hospitality, Technology, Retail and CPG.
  • We have worked across many different business functions including, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product, Operations, IT, Supply Chain.
  • We have worked for organisations, both agency and client side that have been pioneers in the use of data, analytics, AI/ML, and the application of these to drive business value.
  • We have always ensured that technology transformation is underpinned with the right culture and mindset to ensure long term success

This expertise has enabled us to build the IDEAS operating model, a framework that allows you to leverage our success, mitigate risk and navigate your AI journey with confidence.

Our Approach

We don’t just prescribe the latest AI solution or platform. We partner with businesses on a human-centred transformation journey. Starting by actively listening and understanding our clients’ goals, challenges, and ambitions.  

Through education & upskilling we continually enable leadership and employees to understand, keep informed and be ready to harness the potential of AI, data and other technologies. Working collaboratively with our clients to co-create solutions that truly align with their goals, allowing people to focus on the creativity, continuous growth, and the unique value each person can bring to their organisation 

Our commitment doesn't end there. We're driven by delivering measurable success and continuous optimisation. We help clients define clear, quantifiable outcomes such as increased LTV, increased productivity, faster cycle time and improved employee engagement. Equipping clients with the tools, governance models and guardrails to responsibly achieve them. We build robust operational and change management capabilities that capture early wins then scale beyond pilot projects, ensuring sustainable long term, strategic transformations.  Most importantly we are there to provide the necessary support to our clients at every stage of their journey.

This is not just a business for us; it's our passion. We are driven by the conviction that technology, used wisely and ethically, can be a force for good.

Our Principles

These principles make us who we are, what unites us, what makes us such an effective team, and what drives us each and every day.


Culture is paramount. We start with the understanding that people, their challenges, and unlocking opportunities in their jobs inform the solutions we create.

Measurable business value

We focus on sustainable cumulative value that can be achieved from business transformation and investments in new and emerging technologies.

Data democratisation

We understand that data is the currency that fuels technology transformation. Ensuring that data is accurate, comprehensive and available across an organisation is key to success.

Automation mindset

The potential of AI is truly realised when combined with appropriate automation. This embeds the right process, continuous learning with a growth mindset and scaling adoption within an organisation.

Transparency and safety

We make informed choices about how we design and deploy AI and automation solutions. Responsible AI that is transparent, secure and explainable is the corner stone of our recommendations.

Privacy by design

We care about consumers rights to data privacy and companies' intellectual property. Privacy and security best practice principles are intrinsic to everything we do.

Let's Talk

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